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Canoe builders in Canada are varied in a number of ways. There are large mass production manufacturers and custom individual builders.
The materials used range from the original birch bark to high tech composites.
I have tried to show as wide a range as possible within provincial/territorial boundaries.
Please be aware that there are canoe builders out there that do not have a website, and therefore are not included here.
Use these symbols for a general idea of what each "canoe builder" does:
Repair/restore: repair restore rebuild canoe
Paddle Maker: 
DIY Kits/Instruction: do it yourself canoe plans instruction
New canoes using these materials:
Wood/Canvas: wood canvas canoe     Cedar Strip: cedar strip canoe
Kevlar: kevlar canoe    Polyethylene: polyethylene canoe
Tformex: Tformex abs canoe        Polyester Dacron: polyester dacron canoe
Fibreglass: fibreglass, fiberglass canoe        Birch Bark: birch bark canoe
Carbon Composite  


Canoe Shelburne  (Shelburne)  repair restore rebuild canoe  

Harmony Custom Woodcraft  (Kingston/Greenwood)  repair restore rebuild canoe  


Clipper Canoes  (Abbotsford)      

Copper Canyon Canoe  (Duncan)  

Kettle River Canoes  (Grand Forks)      


Miller Canoes  (Nictau)     


Red River Canoe & Paddle (Lorette)       


Maskwa Paddles  (Saskatoon)   


Esquif Canoes  (Frampton)  

Lost River Canots  (Harrington)    

Camp Nominingue Canoes  (Nominingue)    

Joe River Canoes  (Alcove)   

Abitibi Canoes & Kayaks  (Rouyn-Noranda)       


Ashes Stillwater Boats   (Stratford)     

Beach Marine  (Hamilton)      

Bear Mountain Boat Shop  (Westport) ontario canoe builder

Bearwood Canoe Co.  (Seguin)      

Buckhorn Canoe Co.  (Buckhorn)      

Canadian Canoes  (Mississauga)         

Carlisle Canoe Co.  (Freelton)           

Carrying Place Canoe Works  (Kleinburg)        

ClearWater Design Canoes and Kayaks  (Picton)  

Claxton Canoe Co.  (Flesherton)      
Fermon Canoes  (Hawkesville)  

Fletcher Canoes  (Atikokan)  

Green Valley Boat Works  (Kitchener)  

Gull Lake Boat Works  (Toronto)    

H2O Canoe Co.  (Tavistock)    

Holy Cow Canoe Co.  (Guelph)    

Hurley Canoe Co.  (Dwight)    

Kijik Canoe Co.  (Gilmour)    

Kirk's Kanoes  (Perth)  cedar strip canoe

Lakeview Canoe Co.  (Mississauga)     cedar strip canoe

Langford Canoes  (Dwight)          

Lone Pine Canoe Co.  (Bracebridge)      
Natural Birch Bark Canoes  (Whitefish)     

Nova Craft Canoe  (London)      

Old Delta Canoe Works  (Delta)      

Otter Canoes  (Port Rowan)      

Pulaski Boats  (Lakefield)     

Ruch Canoes  (Bancroft)  

Souris River Canoes  (Atikokan)  

Spencer Canoe Co.  (Dwight)    

Swift Canoe Co.  (Gravenhurst)    

Temagami Canoe Co.  (Temagami)    

Trailhead  (Ottawa)  

Voyageur Canoes  (Millbrook)