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(Algonquin Provincial Park)

We have avoided Algonquin Park for a couple of decades, since it always appeared to be crowded in the months of July and August. Due to a shorter than usual time frame, it seemed to be the best option. Drive time from Guelph plus on the water time was going to be about 5 days (Sept. 12 - 16).
As well, we had heard that the Barron Canyon Route was a good one to take in September.
Our intention was to put in at the Achray campground and pull out at Squirrel Rapids. Our vehicle would be shuttled to Squirrel to meet us by Algonquin Portage (located on the Barron Canyon Road).

Monday, Sept. 12 - We arrived at Achray mid afternoon after a 6 1/2 hour drive. As we put in, it began to drizzle a bit.
Grand Lake is a big one, but it was calm for our crossing. The clouds indicated more rain in the offing, so we set up camp just before the turn into Stratton Lake. A mixture of sun & cloud with a bit of rain lasted until supper time.

The campsites along the spit at the end of Grand Lake were great - flat, clean with easy access. The night was warm and muggy.

Tuesday, Sept. 13 - When we got up at 7:00 am, the wind had picked up and by 8:00 am, we had a a rather intense rain storm. We sat it out, broke camp, and paddled around the corner into Stratton Lake. A dam necessitated a 30m portage.

Stratton Lake was very nice with quite a few campsites along the north shore. We saved ourselves a 45m portage between Stratton and St. Andrews Lakes by lining the creek. The 550m portage into High Falls Lake was fairly easy.